This is the story of HOME.

Annie Cheng and In Hwan Heo have always had a deep rooted love and passion for coffee and people. For years they would go on weekly cafe dates and talk about their dream of one day opening a coffee shop together. They wanted to create a place that allowed people to come in and try their amazing coffee, but also a space that focused on acceptance, compassion, and human kindness. They dreamed that one day they would roast their own coffee and be able to share their passion for coffee and their story with everyone.

On Valentine’s Day of 2015, Annie and In’s dream came true. They opened the doors to their first coffee shop on Noriega street in San Francisco’s Sunset District. It was here that HOME was founded, and it was here that Annie and In’s dream came to life.

Annie and In built HOME on the belief that treating people with kindness, love and respect are what the world needs, along with a good cup of coffee in hand. We sincerely care so much about all of our customers, and from the moment you step into our doors you instantly become part of our family. We have been blessed to have expanded HOME to three locations around San Francisco, and we are so proud to roast our own coffee at our Clement location.

We roast our coffee with the same integrity and thoughtfulness as we have put into our cafes and teams. Our passion for coffee and people is apparent in every facet of HOME and we truly cannot wait for you to experience our coffee for yourself.

Our cafes have always been our happy place, and we’re so excited for you to feel the same love at your home-away-from-HOME.

Annie & In

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